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Can I leave my luggage in storage?

Yes, you can leave your bag at reception. Our secure storage area is the perfect solution for dropping off/leaving luggage on your arrival/departure. Our staff are always happy to be of assistance. Rest assured, you can safely leave your luggage with us and pick it up at a time that suits you.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not permitted in our hotel rooms, but we do allow them in the bar and breakfast room.

Is there a restaurant in the hotel?

We have a stylish bar where we serve tapas, but there is no restaurant.

We have a list of recommended restaurants in De Haan which we can forward to you. We can also make a restaurant booking for you.


Are rooms furnished with carpet?

All our rooms are fitted with plush carpets: there are no rooms without a carpet.

Do the rooms have air-conditioning?

The hotel does not have air-conditioning, as we believe this is only necessary in exceptional situations. However, if you need to cool down we can provide you with a fan.

Do the rooms have a minibar?

There is no minibar in the room: you can find a vending machine on the first floor with snacks and refreshments.

You are always welcome in our bar, where we offer a wide selection of drinks and local tapas.

What does a family room look like?

A family room consists of 2 to 3 rooms. These are adjoining rooms with a private passageway for guests.


Are there shops nearby?

The Dijk in De Haan has a delightful array of shops. Would you prefer some proper retail therapy? If so, you can easily get to Ostend, Bruges or Blankenberge by tram.


Is parking available at the hotel?

In De Haan, you can park your car for free the whole year round. 
Car parking space around the La Potinière park is plentiful and close to the hotel.

More information about accessibility can be found here

Is there a taxi service in De Haan?

Taxi Fredo is a local taxi service in De Haan: +32 (0)494 20 03 62.

If you cannot get hold of them, there are other taxi services outside De Haan, e.g. Taxi Kust (+32 (0)473 11 33 33), Taxi Ellen (+32 (0)483 54 38 38)...

Are there charging stations nearby?

We have two charging stations at the hotel.

Other charging stations are available here.

Opening hours and seasonal closing

When is the hotel closed?

In the close season we take a break. We have fixed closing times from November (after the autumn school holidays) to December (prior to the Christmas holidays) and in January and February. We will keep you informed on our social media feed.

When is the bar open?

Our bar is open every day from 8 am to 10 pm. 

Hours may vary depending on how busy it gets.

When is reception open?

The reception is open every day from 8 am to 10 pm. 
We can be reached by phone after 10 pm.

Hours may vary depending on how busy it gets.


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