Hotel Astoria***


The charming Art Deco-style Hotel Astoria in the heart of the picturesque resort consists since 1930 and was designed by architect Leon Ide and built by P Beirens. With its art-deco elements (stained glass, domed roofs) it was rather atypical for the Anglo -normandic style of that time. In 1929 the oriental tinged Casino of  De Haan was broken off in this place because of a dispute with the farmers, only 30 years after its opening. The fence in front of Astoria is a reminder of the building. Owner of Astoria was the family Dufort -Jacques, who sold it in 1963 to the Independent Mutuels, which has since ensuring proper conservation of this iconic heritage in the Concession of De Haan.


On the outside the glass windows and the monumental entrance staircase are the most striking elements. But also discover more nostalgic touches on the inside that bring you back to times and stories that come off by the taste of a local beer in the authentic bar.

Enjoy contemporary comfort in spacious rooms and contemplate in nostalgic salons, which is the real holiday in Astoria. The wooded area and the proximity of the sea carry  to the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, which you discover also in the garden, on the patio and in the lane to the kiosks.